Acoustic Ecology :

Acoustic Ecology, as defined by the Canadian Association for Sound Ecology (CASE) "is the study of the relationship between living organisms and their sonic environment (or soundscape)".

Lucas uses a Zoom H4n field recorder to collect, preserve, study and sometimes process (and compose with) ecological sounds - be they 'natural', non-human soundscapes or the 'unnatural', very loud sonic environments of dance clubs or bars. Influenced heavily by his teacher Dr. Derek Charke, and by masterclasses with acousmatic composers Steven Naylor and Hildegard Westerkamp (cofounder of the World Soundscape Project), Lucas hopes to work with electroacoustic sound with increasing frequency.

One particularly influential sound blog is kept by Carmen Braden, a composition graduate of Acadia University. Her sound journal, entailing sonic explorations of America and Asia, can be found here.

Below are samples of sounds Lucas has collected:

Chapel Bell

Water from a drainage pipe

Pouring soda

Anvil Club, Wolfville

Coming soon:

Nova Scotia Tour

Coming this August:

Ecological Recordings from England

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