Lucas Oickle studies composition under Dr. Derek Charke. Excerpts from original compositions and their premieres by Acadia University musicians can be found below. For any questions or comments, please write to Lucas here.

In his spare time, Lucas also writes arrangements (especially during the Christmas season). Arrangements are for sale (and some are for free!) through his own MusicFromSpace at

Tyrannosaurs in F-14s: A Song Cycle Inspired By 'Calvin & Hobbes', Op.au6 (2010)

Premiered January 20th 2011
For: Shattering the Silence
@: Denton Hall, Acadia University
By: Kate Corrigan (soprano), Astryd Ward (piano)
[excerpt from Movement 4; total length of cycle: 11min]

Illustration of a Decision, Op.au10 (2011)

Premiered March 29 2011
For: Spring Composition Recital
@: Denton Hall, Acadia University
By: Kevin Barnes (trumpet), Stephen Gallant (marimba), Astryd Ward (piano)
[excerpt; total length: 9.5 minutes]

Electroacoustic Study No.1, Op.au11 (2011)

[excerpt; total length: 7min3sec]

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